SwiftUI templates that you can copy and paste into your apps

Basics is a collection of beautifully designed templates that you can copy and paste into your SwiftUI apps to kickstart your next project.

Simply choose a template, copy the code and customize to your needs. It is not a package that you need to install or keep updated.

Why Basics?

The starter kit I wish I had

Most apps share the same core screens and components (i.e. authentication, settings, forms, buttons). Instead of recreating the basics every time you build a new SwiftUI app, just copy/paste the templates (or take individual components) you need and customize to fit your project.

The core principles of Basics:
✨ Beautiful
👌 Simple
🌐 Functional

The goal is to help you with the design of your components/screens, not implementation — which is why this is not installed as a package you need to keep up to date. I hope you dig it and would love to see what you build with it 🌴

🚧 Basics is under active development with more templates coming soon


Powered and inspired by projects I love

Radix UI - A beautiful open-source color system

Tailwind UI


You may:
- You may change or manipulate the code.
- You are free to combine the code with other works to create a derivative work.

Please DO NOT:
- Copy or modify the code and then sell it on websites as your own.
- Resell or distribute code on any marketplace or private channels
- Any other bad stuff you think you probably shouldn't do

If you have questions, feedback, template requests or want to share something you've built with Basics — I'd love to hear from you.
- Github
- Email